Top Photography Types That You Need to Know

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People click and share photos on their smartphones all the time. This exposes them to photography and visual imagery in many forms. We see the ads on the shops, and we look at photos shared by friends via social media. Photography is used to communicate with the viewer. While many people take photos every day, they don’t know how inspiring these photography styles have been to photographers. We learn about different types of photography and can then choose the right genre for us.

Let’s take a look at the following 15 types of photography:

Aerial Photography: When we fly, or are above the ground, we try to capture the beauty below us. When we fly, we try to capture the beautiful landscapes that we can see from above. This is known as aerial photography.

Gaspar Felix Tournachon (a French balloonist and picture-taker) took the main aeronautical photograph in 1858. He tried many times before he was able to take the photo. He had captured Petit-Becetre in France from a hot-air wave, 80m above the ground.

Architecture Photography: It can be relaxing to the eyes to capture the colours, shapes, layouts, or art of any structure. This genre includes all visuals of buildings and monuments. The interior as well as the exterior can be photographed. However, it is important to consider lighting and distortion.

Candid photography: This type of photography captures the moment as it happens. The photographer is not aware of the object, so the photograph appears natural.

Expert tip: For candid shots, use a long zoom lens. The object might be aware that you are framing it and may lose a natural, relaxed picture if you use the shorter zoom lens.

Documentary photography: These pictures are used to highlight one particular story or picture. This category includes manual photos that tell a story. These are all representational photos that can tell a story about science, war, fiction, and many other topics. We try to capture every detail in this genre which, in turn, makes a picture tells a story.

Fashion photography: These types of photography are used to promote something and then to sell it. Glamorization is a way to make a product more attractive so that customers will buy it.

These photos should be taken with creativity and precision. They can be captured anywhere, whether it is in a studio or an apartment. Before framing the product, we need to prepare for the shoot. Preparation may include makeup, styling, lighting, and, obviously, the role of the model.

Food photography: We are all served at least one meal every day, either at the table or in a restaurant. We share the images of the food we are served by clicking on them. Food photography is the photography that is used by websites, restaurants and bloggers to attract customers and sell their products.

Expert tip: Natural light is best for food photography. Flash is not recommended when photographing food as flash can cause unwanted effects. This is a huge NO. Flash may make our food look greasy, and may cause the natural colours to be lost in the photos.

Landscape Photography: One of the most well-known types of photography, this is a type of photography. This genre focuses on the capture of beautiful scenes and the impact of environmental conditions. As we love beautiful scenes, we are always drawn to them.

Proper lighting is essential to get the perfect shot of a landscape. A tripod is a good idea as shaking the camera can cause a poor quality image. High shutter allows us to get a sharp image because the light falls inside the camera.

Night-long exposure photography: There are many beautiful aspects that a viewer cannot see with their naked eyes, but a camera can show them. This type of photography is focused on understanding light, shutter, and aperture.

To get the best out of these photos, you must be familiar with the manual mode and the proper settings.

Photojournalism is a type of photography that is very similar to documentary photography. This includes the photographing of events that are taking place right now, and then it is communicated to the entire world.


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